November 01, 2016

TM Forum Article on Shopping Basket Management & Omnichannel

Order management, especially the part that has more commercial and customer impact has been a topic I have deepened in. As a software developer already I have looked at the complexity of use cases when ordering complex telecommunication services and having to develop systems that drive workflows based on rules. Later as part of my digital architecture role I have seen how omnichannel order management can be addressed. Especially though when looking at the experience during the early phases of the customer journey, basket (or cart) management becomes a critical capability.

 TM Forum Article - Shopping Basket Management & Omnichannel

I have written a TM Forum article where I put my views on how the worlds on basket management and customer order management should converge in order to achieve best omnichannel customer experience. Lines between order and basket become blurred and IT systems should account for flexibility to have these capabilities driven from customer Interactions.

Feel free to read the TM Forum article named "Shopping basket management is key for omnichannel" and let me know your thoughts.

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