May 01, 2017

TM Forum Article on Catalog Integration

Product Catalog and Product Lifecycle Management have been some topics I have been closely involved with the last 8 years. It started from developing a product catalogue for telecommunications for my company, Liberty Global, then driving initiatives like e-commerce from an architecture perspective and defining the product catalog and lifecycle management strategy for Liberty Global.

 Catalog to Catalog Integration TM Forum Article

We decided to write an article at TM Forum with Lejla Pljevljak-Rasidagic from Zira about some ideas we have around catalog to catalog integratin. Going against the hype of enterprise product catalogues, we propose a more flexible approach where a catalogue to catalogue integration is a better model for the future of digital disruption and the multiple partners of an ecosystem.

Feel free to read the TM Forum article named "Is Catalog to Catalog Integration a better alternative to an Enterprise Catalog master?" and let me know your thoughts

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