December 01, 2017

Interview at TM Forum on Customer Experience

I recently gave an interview to Annie Turner at TM Forum that lead to the article
"Customer experience: Innovation and rollout must get faster"

As part of the interview I talk about my experience on the topic from Liberty Global. Among others some of the topics addressed are:
  • Digital being part of the actual consumption of services (TV, internet)
  • Interaction Channels that are in focus from self service to call center and chat
  • Creating of Magic Moments in digital experience
  • Business Case for Investments in Customer Experience
  • Challenges around catching up on operations and continuous agility
You can read the article at TM Forum Inform website here
you can download it here

May 20, 2017

TM Forum Live, Nice, France 2017

My fourth time in TM Forum Live that took place in 2017 once again in Nice, France. Great place for a conference to network and strengthen the relationships with different parties, often at the end of the day over a glass of wine. I was happy to contribute to its success by participating in a panel discussion and a presenting in a workshop.

Panel: Delivering the Right Digital User Experience: Identifying Critical Factors for Success

I participated in a the discussion with Maud Levavasseur, Orange, Akhil Kapoor, Ericsson, Andrea Canessa, Oracle and former colleague Paul Spoors where we discussed influence of things as Open APIs, NFV and new digital ecosystem on customer experience,
The panel was part of Customer Centricity Live TM Forum stream

The panel was part of Customer Centricity Live TM Forum stream

Workshop: The Era of Me - Customer Centricity in the All-Digital World 

As part of the workshop sponsored by Salesforce, I did a presentation around "Flexible Customer Journey Management for the Sales Opportunity". With this as a trigger we did an exercise to draft an omnichannel journey and key related challenges and solutions.
The workshop was part of the Digital Transformation Journey Workshop

May 01, 2017

TM Forum Article on Catalog Integration

Product Catalog and Product Lifecycle Management have been some topics I have been closely involved with the last 8 years. It started from developing a product catalogue for telecommunications for my company, Liberty Global, then driving initiatives like e-commerce from an architecture perspective and defining the product catalog and lifecycle management strategy for Liberty Global.

 Catalog to Catalog Integration TM Forum Article

We decided to write an article at TM Forum with Lejla Pljevljak-Rasidagic from Zira about some ideas we have around catalog to catalog integratin. Going against the hype of enterprise product catalogues, we propose a more flexible approach where a catalogue to catalogue integration is a better model for the future of digital disruption and the multiple partners of an ecosystem.

Feel free to read the TM Forum article named "Is Catalog to Catalog Integration a better alternative to an Enterprise Catalog master?" and let me know your thoughts

November 01, 2016

TM Forum Article on Shopping Basket Management & Omnichannel

Order management, especially the part that has more commercial and customer impact has been a topic I have deepened in. As a software developer already I have looked at the complexity of use cases when ordering complex telecommunication services and having to develop systems that drive workflows based on rules. Later as part of my digital architecture role I have seen how omnichannel order management can be addressed. Especially though when looking at the experience during the early phases of the customer journey, basket (or cart) management becomes a critical capability.

 TM Forum Article - Shopping Basket Management & Omnichannel

I have written a TM Forum article where I put my views on how the worlds on basket management and customer order management should converge in order to achieve best omnichannel customer experience. Lines between order and basket become blurred and IT systems should account for flexibility to have these capabilities driven from customer Interactions.

Feel free to read the TM Forum article named "Shopping basket management is key for omnichannel" and let me know your thoughts.

July 05, 2016

Omnishop, an Omnichannel Commerce TM Forum Project

This year I drove a Catalyst Project with TM Forum called Omnishop - Memorable Shopping Moments in a Connected Digital World. I represented Liberty Global, as a champion of the project providing the service provider requirements and vision. Together with partner companies Infosys, IBM, Netcracker, Zira, Sigma, TMNS and ESRI we created a concept of a digital services framework that would enable a plug and play connection of the sales and e-commerce channels with the service provider ecosystem.

Rigas Parathyras and Nishi Mathur presenting TM Forum Omnishop Catalyst Project 

Preview of the Omnishop Catalyst